Queensland Blind Cricket Association Inc

 Committee Positions

 2003-2004 Season

The Executive


President P. Price

Vice President J. Coull

Secretary C. Pocock

Treasurer J. Forster

Management (The Executive + 3 Delegates)







Championships Selection Committee: T. Eagers,

R. Moxly, P. Robinson


QBCA Selection Committee: C. Pocock (Captain), J. Forster

(Vice Captain) and P. Robinson (3rd Selector).


Social Committee: P. Donovan, J. Forster, R. Moxly, P. Price,

P. Robinson & C. Smith.


Maintenance Officer: C. Pocock


Equipment & Grounds Committee: J. Coull & N. Sampson.


Newsletter Committee: C. Pocock


QBCA Web Master: P. Price, J.Kochman

Rules Sub-Committee: J. Coull, T. Eagers & P. Robinson


Development Sub-Committee: C. Pocock and P. Robinson


Auditor: Johnson and Greathead


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